jordan’s furniture and social corporate responsibility

Jordan’s Furniture

Stressful Shopping Trip

If you have ever had to buy a new bed, sofa, or other piece of furniture for your home, you know that visiting a home furnishing store can be a frustrating experience. Often, social corporate responsibility is not a huge priority for these stores. Salespeople may pressure you into signing up for deals that are not in your best interest. You may feel you are not getting the best value for your money. Worst of all, shoppers often find a lack of options that fall in their price range. This is a problem that can bring your buying experience to a halt and force you to go home empty handed.

Wouldn’t it be great to buy furniture at a store offering reasonable prices every day, with no pressure, a wide selection, and salespeople who don’t say “let me call my manager” if you ask for a better price? For customers in the New England area, this is now a reality. Jordan’s Furniture carries a large inventory of indoor and outdoor furniture for homeowners. Prices are clearly marked and are consistent. They are also well below those at nearby competing stores.

Consistent and Affordable Every Day

Imagine trying to buy a $900 sofa when you only have $700 to spend. How will most salespeople respond to your request? They may offer credit or financing, or they may try to talk you into a cheaper model that will not compliment your home. You may have to speak to a manager if the salesperson cannot grant your request. There is no guarantee that the manager will grant it, either. If he or she does, the deal you get may still not be in your best interest. Yet after all that, you may feel obligated to accept it. Instead of practicing social corporate responsibility, these stores are creating a negative experience for customers.

Now imagine finding that same sofa at Jordan’s Furniture for $600. No haggling or hassle is needed. This is the same price every day, the one you know up front you will be asked to pay. Salespeople are friendly and educated, ready to assist you in going home with a sofa you love.

Providing an Experience

Jordan’s transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction are enough to make them unique. But the store also offers a one of a kind experience for shoppers. There are currently seven locations. Each one features a different fun family activity for shoppers to enjoy. They include IMAX movie theatres, indoor challenge courses, an ice skating park, and even a laser show at the Avon, Massachusetts location. Jordan’s partners with charitable groups in their community. One program, Rhode Island Double Play, provides gently used sports equipment so that underprivileged kids can play.

With its focus on providing an experience, not just a shopping trip, Jordan’s Furniture practices social corporate responsibility each day. It is no wonder they have been so successful and are experiencing customer growth at each location.


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