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Modeling a Social Entrepreneurs Definition

Out of all the companies we have profiled, LSTN is one of the best examples of a social entrepreneurs definition we have found. The company provides hearing aids to people in need in nine different countries. So far, LSTN has changed the lives of over 20,000 people through its partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Part of the money from every sale of LSTN headphones goes to support the Foundation. Customers get to enjoy a great set of headphones with superior sound quality. People who may never have enjoyed music find themselves able to when they receive their new hearing aids.

Finding Inspiration

Bridget Hilton, founder of LSTN, found inspiration in a video of a young woman hearing for the first time after a medical procedure. Hilton was already a veteran of the music industry. She realized she, like many people, took the ability to hear for granted. Hilton soon learned that 360 million people around the world are hearing-impaired.

This motivated entrepreneur decided to take action and change conditions for hearing impaired people. Part of the social entrepreneurs definition is a desire to address a social need, and Hilton’s goals fit the bill perfectly. With her vision and cause in place, Hilton set about creating a product that could help meet the need she identified. Her experience in the music industry prompted her to design and sell high-quality audiophile headphones.

A Standout Product

LSTN headphones stand out because of how the company makes them and how they sound. The ear cups are wood instead of plastic. This gives them a distinguished appearance. The cups are available in ebony, cherry, beech or zebra wood. Each type of wood produces a different kind of sound, and the customer chooses the wood. Wood is known for how it can shape a tone. Makers of instruments use wood in their crafts because of this quality.

In 2015, its second year of operation, LSTN reported $2 million in sales. It sounds like customers appreciate a superior set of headphones, and are happy to help people in need with hearing aids.

Prime Example

LSTN headphones and Bridget Hilton are a fantastic example of a social entrepreneurs definition. Hilton founded the company after identifying an area of need. She put a great deal of thought into the design of her product and how she wanted it to help people. The LSTN venture is a success because of the company’s purpose, passion, and ability to be innovative.


LSTN, A headphone company shows how they are giving thousands of hearing aides to people and restoring their hearing.


The founders LTSN give out hearing aides to thousands of people in Toluca, Mexico including a little girl who could not stop smiling after hearing sound for the first time.


The founders of LSTN go to the slums of Kibera, Kenya to give out hearing aides.


The founders of LSTN explain how they started their business with helping people with hearing disabilities in mind.

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