meathead movers practice social entrepreneurship

A Meathead Movers employee directs a moving truck. The company practices social entrepreneurship on a local level.

Meathead Movers is a moving company that employs student athletes. They serve Santa Barbara and surrounding communities. MM provides a premium moving service. Part of their purpose is helping victims of domestic abuse. Members of this vulnerable population need a fresh start in life after leaving their abusers. From its founding in 1997, the company has maintained strong links to its community and its ideals of social entrepreneurship.

Escape Isn’t Easy

For women in abusive relationships, leaving can be very difficult. Most people do not realize that the hardest part of leaving can be the act of moving. Think about it – moving can be overwhelming for anyone. Add to that the stress of leaving an abusive relationship. The entire process can seem like too much for one person to bear.

This is where Meathead Movers comes in. The company began in 1997. Two friends and fellow high school athletes decided to earn some extra cash by helping people move. The business was small and local from its inception. Soon, as word spread, women in abusive relationships began calling and asking for help escaping. At the time there were few services available for women attempting to leave abusive relationships. The two friends and business partners always rushed to the scene to help. They never accepted payment for this type of move.

Growing and Sharing Resources

Over time, the business grew and began to put policies in place. A big milestone came in 2000, when Meathead Movers began partnering with a local women’s shelter. The company recognized that people leaving abusive relationships needed help in all areas their lives. This included moving and finding a safe place for the victims and their children to stay while they rebuilt their lives. MM also works with local police to avoid any tense situations in case of an abuser showing up during the move.

The more Meathead Movers grows, the more they act as good stewards of their social entrepreneurship mission. The company is currently working on a network of companies that can offer free services to people readjusting after leaving an abusive relationship. Co-founder and CEO, Aaron Steed, says that his employees always visit a local women’s shelter when expanding into a new area. Already, counselors and others have begun offering their services to women and men staying in shelters.

Aaron, CEO of Meathead Movers, talks about their mission.

Meathead Movers donates $1 for every box packed to The Cinderella Fund.

Meathead Movers have a commitment to help women suffering or who have suffered from domestic violence move out and get a fresh start.

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