neuromarketing insights: building brand identity & positioning a brand

Researchers are gaining amazing insights into positioning a brand by using the new science of neuromarketing. What’s neuromarketing? It’s putting customers inside MRIs and seeing exactly how different commercials light up their brains. Think of it as a brand identity focus group of one that skips all the messy subjectivity of positioning a brand and cuts straight to the neurons. The ramifications are potentially enormous.


In this example-packed presentation at the Promax BDA Station Summit Conference, emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell shares the latest revelations that are driving the next generation of corporate identity and TV marketing. See how successful marketers are building brand identity by using these insights to drive customer loyalty and recruit new fans, because you can’t get much closer to your audience’s head than inside it.


Positioning a Brand for Success

What sort of advertising writing do I have to do when positioning a brand for success? This is an important question when dealing with corporate identity and brand identity, because it lies at the core of what any good creative copy writer must deal with every day. Positioning a brand for success is more than just putting a product on display and parading it around – you have to build the brand identity through emotional marketing and emotional branding. This means looking deeper than the surface when designing a corporate identity – it means positioning a brand for success regardless of what products are being sold. As I talk about in this short emotional marketing video, neuromarketing is at the core of positioning a brand for success.


What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a way of positioning a brand for success using brain research. Neuromarketing helps us build a strong corporate identity by positioning a brand to align with our roots. While we have come a very long way as a species, neuromarketing, and basic evolutionary science, tells us that 98% of our time as a species was spent as much more primitive beings. This helps us in positioning a brand identity because it looks deep into our unconsciousness and sees exactly what motivates us to build deep connections with brands. By positioning a brand identity by using neuromarketing, we are not only linking our brand to what used to motivate us, but what continues to motivate us universally.


Establishing Corporate Identity with Neuromarketing

Through neuromarketing, positioning a brand becomes a much more clear-cut endeavor. The trick is to find out exactly what it is about your customers that make them tick. The reason that neuromarketing works so well when positioning a brand identity and corporate identity is because our brains never so much as evolved as they just added layers. Neuromarketing tells us that while we have a strong, conscious brain, we also have the unconscious brain that hasn’t changed much over the millennia. As such, when we see a video, it’s like we’re there. Because of this, corporate identity can be built using smart application of neuromarketing in your brand identity.


What Neuromarketing Means for Brand Identity

The problem that a lot of brands run into when positioning a brand is that they appeal only to one part of our brain. Neuromarketing shows us exactly what primal fears we humans hold, but reminds us that corporate identity cannot be built on fears alone. In order to build a truly effective brand identity, neuromarketing states that you have to first frighten, and then comfort. If all you do in positioning a brand is to frighten first, and then frighten more, you’re going to just turn the viewers off.

So let’s recap:

  • When positioning a brand for success, you have to go beyond the product itself. Make sure you go deeper
  • Neuromarketing is the study of what makes us tick by examining the unconscious brain that controls so many of our decisions, and how to work with it.
  • Appealing to our less-evolved brain with fear is a great way to elicit a strong reaction
  • That reaction must be tempered by comfort at the end.

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