positioning a brand: building powerful family & home brands

When positioning a brand it is always important to ask, what is the customer focus? Current trends in marketing show that LL Bean is building a powerful brand for family and home. In this presentation, emotional marketing expert, Graeme Newell, showcases some of the company’s best television ads. He explains how LL Bean has domesticated a rugged outdoor spirit and turned it into a comforting suburban fantasy. Learn how successful companies use emotional marketing to build a deep trust with their customers.

Graeme uses examples from a variety of LL Bean’s best advertising campaigns in order to show the current marketing trends that they used to build themselves into a powerful brand. All of these examples help to create a family adventure that is not too rugged. LL Bean doesn’t just sell clothing. They sell family bliss, nirvana and living in a perfect world. LL Bean has creates a lifestyle out of their brand. This company holds up a mirror to its customers, reflecting back who they hope to be. Graeme also use a commercial from Tidy Cats. This advertisement reiterates the point of creating a product that makes you feel at home. That’s what it’s all about. Graeme’s goal with this presentation is to show how to position a brand to be a lifelong friend and how to make the customers feel powerful, accepted, and loved.

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