positioning a brand: inspiring heroism in armchair warriors

Through positioning a brand, Timberland has built a powerful image that goes way beyond outdoor gear. Timberland has become an entire lifestyle based on strength, perseverance, and the power of you. It’s a brand that is deeply rooted in emotional marketing. In this presentation, watch emotional marketing expert, Graeme Newell describe how it works in a speech excerpt from the Outdoor Association conference in Portland, Oregon. Graeme examines current trends in marketing and some of Timberland’s best television ads to show how to create a lifestyle from a brand.

Graeme uses some of the best advertising campaigns from Timberland, but also uses some examples from Nike as well. The main purpose of this presentation is to create a change from product focus to attitude focus when creating an advertisement. Timberland has done this perfectly. They have created a lifestyle around their brand. When positioning a brand in commercials, they make sure it is guy alone in the wilderness, testing his mettle against the elements. They create a sense of a lone warrior archetype. Nike has also borrowed from this archetype as well when positioning a brand. They do this by showing scars on lone individuals as badges of honor. The message is to trust yourself, be strong, preserve and the end result is that nature will take care of you. Current marketing trends show that Timberland is selling their products and motifs from ad to ad. They sell their products to customers from the ego up, not the product features down and they never let it flow the opposite way. What Graeme is trying to convey is that when positioning a brand more companies need to start being a part of the emotional manufacturing business instead of the product manufacturing business. This way they can match how consumers feel.
nference in Portland, Oregon.

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