special spectators and its social entrepreneurship examples

Special Spectators

A Winning Example

Special Spectators is a nonprofit, volunteer operated enterprise that serves as one of the top social entrepreneurship examples. The group proves what a social enterprise can do when the team behind it is determined and tireless in fulfilling its mission. Special spectators has a huge impact on the lives of ill or disabled children and their parents.

An Event Within an Event

The group’s main work is in hosting events that cater to the children in need, as part of larger sporting events. The events include interactions with cheerleaders, players, and coaches. The children attend tailgate parties and go on locker room tours. Started in 2002, Special Spectators has helped 8,800 patients attend over 330 games. Most of the games are college football, but the group hosts other sporting events as well. Seriously ill children are able to experience a game with their families in a way they have never experienced. The events help the children get their minds off their illnesses and enjoy themselves.

One part of the event is a stadium announcement, informing other sports fans that the children and their parents are present. When the children stand on the field and commentators announce them, the crowd erupts into loud cheers and clapping. This is another of the social entrepreneurship examples that Special Spectators demonstrates. Children in need give everyone at the stadium a boost of morale.

A Team of Volunteers

All the staff of Special Spectators are volunteers. They share a passion for sports. Their passion helps children and families get excited about the games. Special Spectators partners with the largest college football programs in America to bring joy and inspiration to the families they serve.

The Winning Team

In looking for social entrepreneurship examples, Special Spectators is one that should stand out for everyone. Their programs benefit seriously ill children, their parents, and other sports fans. National football programs are able to give back to fans in need. The volunteers that make up Special Spectators are able to combine their passions for sports and helping people in need. The result is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved. Special Spectators provides some of the best social entrepreneurship examples there are.


Blake Rockwell talks about the mission of Special Spectators and the players of the State Farm college Slam Dunk welcome the Special Spectators who came to watch them.


A video explaining the Special Spectators program, how it started, and clips of the children in need getting to go and see their sports heroes.


Matt Wells introduces us to Chloe Adams, a sick girl who has been to several Aggie games with Special Spectators.

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