stella artois takes corporate social responsibility seriously

Four people sit around a table drinking beer. Stella Artois practices corporate social responsibility by expanding access to clean drinking water around the world.

Stella Artois and Corporate Social Responsibility

Stella Artois is a beer company that hopes to promote and work on water issues around the world. As a company, Stella Artois practices corporate social responsibility every day. They do it by providing clean water to communities around the world.

Many of us take access to clean drinking water for granted. We know there will always be plenty of water available for us to use. But for many families in the developing world, this is not the case. Women in developing nations often spend the bulk of their day collecting water for their families. Their journeys, by foot, are long and perilous. Even worse, the water they are able to access is not always clean.

Expanding Access, Creating Change

Right now Stella Artois is working with to change this reality. is a nongovernment organization. It works to bring reliable water to communities.

Another amazing program Stella Artois is helping out with is called “Buy a Lady a Drink”. Customers can purchase a chalice, with about 50% of the profits from the sale benefiting The chalices feature different designs. There is one from Ethiopia, one from Honduras, and one from India. This is to represent the three regions being served by this joint initiative.

Water is Life

For Stella Artois, water is a key part of producing their beer. Barley and other ingredients use water in their growing process. The beer also contains clean filtered water. Stella Artois is a great example of a company practicing corporate social responsibility. They are giving back.  They share with others to ensure all people have access to the resources they use in their daily operations.


Stella Artois is partnering with, co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, to provide access to clean water to people in the developing world.


Matt Damon talks about the importance of water and how women spend millions of hours a day collecting the water they need for their families. Stella Artois has partnered with Matt Damon and to help give them that time back.


Stella Artois chalice being poured with water while a voice talking about every glass sold gives 5 years of clean drinking water to the developing countries.

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