Borrowed Emotions: How the Best Brands Harness Our Most Powerful Feelings

Powerful marketing always begins with the emotions of the customer and then moves on to the product. All the best brands in the worlds harness the emotional drivers that exist in our lives and bind them to their brand.

Emotional marketing guru Graeme Newell goes over how the best brands in the world have captured the energy of these powerful emotions and funneled it into their products to great effect.

Powerful marketing always begins with the emotions of the customer and then moves on to the product. All the best brands in the worlds harness the emotional drivers that exist in our lives and bind them to their brand. This is a process that is driven by emotional drivers and how they can be channeled to make great advertising.

Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is a special type of marketing that looks beyond product marketing and goes straight for the hearts of the customer. Emotional marketing and emotional branding are ways of marketing a product in such a way that the customer comes to see the brand as more than just a product – they see it as a trusted friend. Some of the strongest brands in the world use emotional marketing to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. By using powerful emotional drivers in their emotional marketing, brands can truly connect with their customers on a profound level. This is the type of marketing that emotional marketing guru Graeme Newell teaches to clients all over the world.

Emotional Branding

When creating powerful marketing, it is important to always look beyond the actual product and see the bigger picture. The brand is always more important than the product, because though a product will come and go, a brand is what will remain. Products have competitors coming from all sides, and the more successful a product is, the more imitators it will have. As a result, all successful products will eventually be imitated into oblivion. The important thing to remember here is that while products will go away, brands will not. Emotional branding seeks to build strong brands by looking at what truly motivates the customer. When engaging in brand marketing, the most powerful marketing is the type that doesn’t just appeal to the head, but also to the heart. By identifying the most important emotional drivers to the customer and creating brand marketing built around it, one can make truly powerful marketing.

Brand Marketing

In order to truly enjoy longevity in the increasingly competitive business environment of today, brands must start investing in their brand, not just products. While some brands, such as those on the bleeding edge of technology, simply need to put their newest creation up for all to see, most have to go the extra mile to make their products attractive. For the majority of brands, simply showing off new product features doesn’t cut it. By using brand marketing as opposed to product marketing, brands with more ubiquitous products can seek to differentiate themselves in highly competitive markets. Emotional marketing seeks to help brands that would otherwise be lost in the minutia of incremental product improvements.

Emotional Drivers

The best brands of powerful marketing use something called emotional drivers to move their marketing. Emotional drivers are the strongest feelings that people feel about themselves, not about the product. By focusing on the customer and not the product, emotional branding seeks to create powerful marketing based around brands that focus on what is truly important. Emotional drivers are as numerous as emotions. They encompass all the feelings that brands want their customers to associate with the brand. By starting with an emotion and moving forward from that, brands can truly create powerful marketing.

So let’s recap:

    • Emotional marketing is a type of marketing that seeks to identify the strongest emotions and feelings a customer feels and then attaches them to a brand, creating a strong bond.
    • Brand marketing is a powerful, important type of marketing because it allows the majority of companies that do not have cutting edge technologies to stay competitive in ubiquitous markets.
    • Emotional drivers are the feelings that customers have about themselves that brands what to attach to their products. By identifying these emotional drivers and using them correctly, truly powerful marketing can be made.

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