building business purpose on employee empowerment

Supporting Employees Matters

The top corporate social responsibility companies are ones that support their employees. An employee-centered culture carries many benefits. These companies report lower rates of turnover and often show higher returns than other companies. Some corporate social responsibility companies take this idea even further. Costco is one of these top corporate social responsibility companies. They offer their employees higher rates of pay than the retail industry average. Hot Bread is another of these top corporate social responsibility companies that take employee support one step further.

What makes Hot Bread different is its 100% focus on employees. Many companies nurture their employees, giving them training and support to help them succeed in all areas of their lives. Hot Bread based their entire business model on nurturing. Women go through a nine month long paid training program where they learn to bake bread and be successful businesswomen. These women are then ready to become managers in the baking industry, or start their own companies. Hot Bread is empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Many of their graduates go on to found top corporate social responsibility companies of their own.

Big and Small Examples

Hot Bread is a social enterprise that found a way to be profitable, putting those profits back into the program that uplifts women’s lives. There are other companies following this model, including large established ones. SAS is a data analytics company that has been in business since 1976. The company offers top notch employee benefits, far beyond insurance or paid time off. It offers its own in house health care center, an on site café, and a recreation and fitness center. These offerings all help employees find balance in their lives and safeguard their mental and physical wellbeing. SAS offers standard benefits like life insurance health care, but it also offers college scholarship programs, summer camps for children, and on-site child care centers. SAS knows that, to be one of the top corporate social responsibility companies, it must go above and beyond in supporting and taking care of its employees.

Now it’s Your Turn

What is your company doing to build an employee focused culture? Chances are you could be doing more. You do not have to build a training program, like Hot Bread, or offer extra benefits like SAS. You can do what is feasible and practical for your business. Simple things like employee recognition can go a long way. And no matter what business you are in, there are always ways to give back to the community. Watch the video and check out the resources offered by Graeme Newell and 602 Communications. We can teach you how to be one of the top corporate social responsibility companies in your industry!

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