how new customer relationships can turn a big business into a social business

Big Business Can Be Social Business

Everyone knows the millennial generation is shaking things up and changing the way many companies do business. In many cases, their buying habits are teaching large companies to focus on being a social business. One example is in sports ads and how they have changed over time. In the past, these ads focused on being competitive and winning at any cost. Nike shoes or Reebok clothing could help you crush the other team every time. The focus was on “you,” never on “we.”

But sports are not always a solo effort. Millennial customers want to win, but they want to do it together. Today’s sports ads focus on community and how the joy of sports can help people connect with one another, not tear each other down. For example, in one Nike commercial, Lebron James gives the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers a pep talk on how everything they do is for the city and their fans. By buying Nike products, you don’t just improve your own athletic performance. You become part of a team.

What Winning Means

Advertisers, in an effort to win over younger consumers, have changed the very definition of winning. This is how millennials are redefining the entire customer relationship. Even solo sports can help people become part of a group when they take up the sport along with other, more experienced partners and mentors. These are all values that a social business holds dear.

Outdoor companies, like Timberland, have traded in their old business models for newer, more cooperative ones, similar to those of a social business. The outdoor clothing company recruits and hires people based on their commitment to service. Smart hiring decisions and opportunities for employees to give back lead to a more loyal staff. Patagonia, also a maker of outdoor apparel, encourages women to take up skiing together and share adventures. Each company focuses on helping like-minded people share and connect. Instead of just being a brand, these brands become communities.

Adding It All Up

What about your brand? Is it a community, and are you engaged in helping people with similar interests come together? To learn more about how you can modify your business model to promote togetherness, connect with Graeme using the links at the end of the video above. He can show you how to become a social business or just incorporate social business principles into your day to day tasks.

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